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  • Who Would Jesus Bomb?
    That was the bumper sticker I saw in front of me. At first I laughed. Then I mentally agreed that certainly the point is well made…one of my favorite quotes from author ...
  • Poverty: The Fruit of Neglected Wisdom
    From Darrow Miller and Friends . . . In the beginning there was no poverty. In the Genesis creation account, God told the man and the woman, “Behold, I have given ...
  • How To Avoid Prosperity And Poverty Gospels
    Owen Strachan from the Kern Pastor Network, discusses the founder of Quaker Oats and stewardship, in a post on the Acton Institute's Blog... “Henry Parsons Crowell made a lot of money, ...
  • The Virtuous Use of Feminine Power
    From Darrow Miller and Friends . . . Adam was charmed, and charmed males follow in his train. The natural effect is a powerful influence by the woman over the man. ...

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